Our Origins

The Australian Military Wives Choir began in June 2012 with a light-hearted suggestion between friends in an email: “Military Wives Choir. Should we start one?” This grew into a small group of singers meeting in the Duntroon Chapel a few months later. From the beginning, the choir felt supported by its community with performance requests coming in before the first rehearsal!

Our Values

The heart of the choir is embodied in its values of





Social inclusion means the Choir is about what we do as women rather than what our partners may do at work, with a focus on our common threads.      

An atmosphere of flexibility allows members to join the choir while balancing other demands on their time.               
Volunteer service within the choir is encouraged and appreciated as members desire to help others experience the benefits of singing as a group.   

Excellence comes as we work together to improve the Choir as a whole. 

Whenever I sing … I am reminded that I am not alone in my journey as a military wife.

— AMWChoir member