Welcome to the Australian Military Wives Choir!  

wife (noun): from wīf in Old English, meaning 'woman'

The AMWChoir is a choir for all women with a significant connection to currently serving ADF members

(whether they be wives, partners, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters...).


Our Signature Song Military Wife



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Written for those connected to currently serving members of a defence force, "Military Wife" was inspired by my experience, and words used by women to describe their experience . 
With permission of  Cath Parsons, National Music Director, Australian Military Wives Choir https://www.cathparsonspoetry-song.com/
Whenever I sing … I am reminded that I am not alone in my journey as a military wife.
— AMWChoir member

We have choirs in Canberra; Sydney City, Sydney South; Sydney West; Brisbane; Townsville; Adelaide; Perth; Darwin; Tindal and Wagga Wagga!

It's very easy to join, requires no previous experience or auditions, and we welcome all women with a significant connection to a serving ADF member.  

"[She] who sings scares away [her] woes."