A wandering Music Director comes to Townsville

by Claire Mason

Townsville Choir was lucky enough to have our National Music Director, Cath, come to visit and join in on our rehearsal a few weeks ago.

Townsville thumb.jpg

We were doubly lucky because she almost didn't make it!  Thanks to flight changes it looked dire for a while, but Cath persisted and just got here in time.  Thank goodness too - we had so much fun with her!

Penni was originally a member in the Canberra choir, so it was a blast from the past rehearsal for her.  Cath conducted, while Penni jumped behind the keyboard to accompany, and later they switched places so Penni could get back in front too.

It was a great rehearsal, and everyone had a fantastic time.  It's lovely to connect one choir to another - for Townsville to feel like a part of the bigger AMWChoir crew, and for the rest of us to get a little taste of Townsville.  It's safe to say that a visitor helps to bring a little sense of new life and excitement to the choir.  Can't wait to connect again at the conference later this month!