Sydney West is heading South!

by Claire Mason

Ladies of Liverpool, we've been listening!  We've heard you calling, telling us Richmond is too far away, and that you want a choir down south.  So we're coming!  

On the 4th June, we'll be having a "come and try" rehearsal just for you.  As with all our choirs and rehearsals, it's open to any and all women with a significant connection to a serving ADF member, and we'd love for you to come and sing with us.  There won't be any auditions, and you don't need any experience - it's nice and friendly and relaxed.  

Where: We'll be holding the rehearsal in the Multipurpose Room of the Chapel on Holsworthy Barracks.  This mean you will need a Defence pass to get on base!  Don't forget to bring it with you - and if you don't have your pass, you have some time to organise it :)  

In this location we are very lucky to have a quiet playroom available next to the Multipurpose room, so if you need to bring kids, they can play nearby without disturbing the rehearsal.  

When: Thursday 4th June, from 7:30-9:00pm

What next? While we would love to set up a permanent Sydney South choir, we can't promise that just yet.  This rehearsal is the first step to gauging how much interest there is in the area, and getting those women together.  The next step requires a few key people on the ground - someone to lead the choir, and one or two people to organise the administrative side of things.  Those volunteers are the heart of a new choir, but we know it's a bit scary to volunteer!  If you think you might be able to take on one of those roles, please come along and have a chat with us.  We can give you lots more information about what's involved and help you decide.  

Questions in the meantime?  Contact our National Coordinator!