Singing out for music leaders and accompanists

Singing for your heart is our first priority at the AMWChoir. To help women sing we need a few volunteers in each location to make this happen.

Singing Leaders

At present we are in need of singing leaders in more established locations of Adelaide, Canberra and Tindal.  We are also looking for a singing leader to help establish a new choir in Puckapunyal.

Volunteer coordinators are already in place in Adelaide, Canberra and Puckapunyal. Coordinators take care of all the communication, record keeping and assist with rehearsal logistics. That makes planning and leading the singing each fortnight easier for singing leaders.

All volunteer positions in the AMWChoir are filled by women with a connection to serving members of a Defence Force. Singing leaders vary in experience from highly qualified musicians and teachers to women with choir experience who would like to learn how to lead.

The AMWChoir leadership process provides training for these volunteer positions.


The specialist skills required to accompany our rehearsal process on a piano (or other instrument!) mean that anyone from the wider community can volunteer. Pianists looking to build experience are very welcome and will receive support from the National Music Director and National Accompanist.

For more information and to volunteer please email Cath -