The choir's music selection is carefully chosen by our National Music Director.  Everything in our repertoire speaks in some way to our unique experience of being part of a military family, and all the joys & trials that come with it.  Oh, and the songs are also fun to sing!

We have a signature song, Military Wife, which was penned by our National Music Director, Cath Parsons, with the help of the choir members at the time who supplied the many descriptions of military wives included in the song.  If you're interested in learning more about it, listen to a professional recording, and learn a bit more about Cath's writing, head on over to her website here.  

On top of that, we have a range of songs, from contemporary pop, to older favourites, and a few less well known pieces.  We practise Anzac Day hymns during March and April and switch to a Christmas selection in the later part of the year.


Miltary WiFe

Our signature song written by Cath Parsons, our co-founder and National Music Director.



Certain songs reflect the absence of loved ones and hope of a safe return. The Call by Regina Spektor is one of these songs.



Other songs lift our hearts when we sing them together or when sing them alone. The song Touch The Sky from the movie Brave is this type of magical song.

2017 SONGS

You can get a snapshot of our 2017 repertoire by watching the video below.