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The National Workshop is an annual event to allow choir members to come together from across Australia to make new connections while learning musical skills, build confidence in performance and build character by meeting new friends.

In 2019, the National Workshop will be held in… drum roll … Canberra! From 5 pm Thursday 17 October to Saturday 19 October.

Our program is simple, a return to our roots. In between sessions of ‘singing-our-hearts-out’ we will participate in a Showtune Sing-Off; pop-up in the Canberra City Centre and treat the shoppers to a song or two; engage in mindfulness and crystal-bowl singing; strengthen our skills in breathing techniques for choral singing; and finish with a performance in conjunction with the Australian War Memorial’s Last Post Ceremony.

There will be food and chatter and tears and natter and quiet and song! Yes, there truly will be quiet times (possibly where food is involved) but definitely while we are being mindful.

If you have any questions about attending AMWChoir National Workshops, please email Penny at