Flash Mob

by Claire Mason

Well, we did it!  After much planning, organisation and practice, we successfully performed our first Flash Mob of The Call last Friday in Canberra!  We had 28 brave voices, including the Brisbane Coordinator Tammy, who made the trip down especially for it.

We gathered about half an hour beforehand, and after a bit of nervous giggling, we entered "spy mode."  Two of our talented members were set up and busking on flute and violin, and the rest of us pretended to shop as we drifted closer to where they were playing.  All of a sudden, Cath recognised the song they were playing, and spontaneously decided to join in singing!  That was the cue for the rest of us to gradually head over and join in too.  What a happy coincidence we all knew the song ;)

Our singers were not only very brave to sing in such a public venue, but really threw their hearts into it.  Our voices rang out into the shopping centre, and it was extremely exciting to see people stop and watch us, pulling out their phones to take photos and video.

You might have seen some photos and video go up on Facebook over the weekend.  If not, go have a look!  Of course, video never quite captures the magic of being there in person, but we hope you'll get a little taste of the joy we were feeling.  And now?  We're all rearing to go and do another one!