AMWChoir National Conference

by Claire Mason

As if 2015 hasn't already been a big enough year for us, with two new choirs popping up, recording the choir for the first time, and just last week our very first flash mob, we have even more planned! 

That's right, the AMWChoir National Conference is happening this October!  The National Committee has been plotting this for some time, and is now launching into full scale organisation mode.  We are planning to gather of all our choir groups together as one in order to strengthen bonds, and to provide coaching, networking and planning opportunities. The vision is to keep it simple, with the focus being the music. The event will be a "salute to military wives: gaining strength through song."

By now, all our members should have received notification of the conference by email.  We are looking for your feedback so we can finalise the arrangements in a way that facilitates as many members coming along as possible.  If you haven't received anything yet, get in touch with your local coordinator! 

We look forward to many more updates as we get closer to the date.