She's a military wife... she's packing up her life... to become a music star!

by Claire Mason

That's right.  Military Wife is being recorded, and we're sure it's headed for the top of the charts!

Okay, that part's a joke.  We're not looking for a record deal here.  But we are recording Military Wife!  We've had a lot of requests over the last few years, and it's finally happening.  

When?  Thursday 19th March

Where?  Canberra - in the normal rehearsal time.

Yes, we know, the other choirs want to be there too.  If only it were possible!  We're sure we'll get all the choirs together for a huge AMWC fiesta, and we promise to record again when that happens!

If you are based in Canberra, even if you haven't been coming regularly, or can't come sing often, please please please come for the recording night!  The more voices the better.  We know you don't want to miss out!