Remember!  Complete this membership form ONLY if you intend to pay your membership fee by either cash or direct deposit.

If you are paying online, please go to the Membership in the shop to complete your membership form and payment together.

Membership Form

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Please indicate which contact details you are happy to share with other choir members for choir business
Music Folders *
I understand that all music folders (including Christmas, ANZAC Day and performance folders) are provided on loan from the choir as part of membership, but remain property of the AMWChoir. It is my responsibility to take good care of my folder while on loan. I agree that I will return my folder at the end of the year, or on leaving my current choir location (if this occurs prior to the end of the year). I understand that if I fail to return my folder or any pieces of music, or if the folder or music should be damaged and unable to be used again, I may be charged a replacement fee of $85.00 per folder.
Membership *
I apply to become a member of the Australian Military Wives Choir incorporated association. If I am admitted as a member, I agree to pay the $45.00 application fee (2017) and to be bound by the rules of the association for the time being in force.