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The choir's music selection is carefully chosen by our National Music Director.  Everything in our repertoire speaks in some way to our unique experience of being part of a military family, and all the joys & trials that come with it.  Oh, and the songs are also fun to sing!

We have a signature song, Military Wife, which was penned by our National Music Director, Cath, with the help of the choir members at the time who supplied the many descriptions of military wives included in the song.  If you're interested in learning more about it, listen to a professional recording, and learn a bit more about Cath's writing, head on over to her website here.  On top of that, we have a range of songs, from contemporary pop, to older favourites, and a few less well known pieces.  We switch to a Christmas selection in the later part of the year, and also include Anzac hymns during March and April.

music folders

When you join the choir and pay your membership fees, you will be issued with two music folders, which contain our current repertoire.  This is yours for the year, then gets returned at the last rehearsal for safe keeping and updating over the summer break.  

It's a bit like joining a library - the choir is loaning out the music to you while you are a member for the year.  We wish we could just give them out to everyone to keep, but the choir is very careful about adhering to copyright laws, meaning every single copy of music has to be bought and paid for.  

The cost of replacing a folder if it goes missing is over $200!  So that means that one of your biggest responsibilities as a member is to look after your folders.  Each folder will have a list in the front of all the music included in it, so you can check and make sure nothing is missing. 

If you have any questions, please approach your Coordinator.


music folder string tutorial

How to secure your octavo sheet music so it stays in your folder. Old school, but it works.