The Choir Today

From little things big things grow. The choir now has over 150 members in twelve locations in most capital cities and near large military bases.            

The choir welcomes women and girls who have a significant relationship with an Australian Defence Force member or foreign defence force member stationed in Australia. This includes partners, daughters, mothers and sisters.  

Choirs meet fortnightly for rehearsals which include developing choral skills and social connection, all underpinned by the natural joy that comes from singing.              

While not the primary focus, the choirs also aim to perform in the local community to share their love of music and create an awareness of the choir for potential new members. Choir members are only expected to perform as often (or as little!) as they please.       

Our sense of pride and unity within the choir is enhanced by our uniforms: a black shirt or cardigan embroidered with the choir logo, a strawberry pink scarf and a stylish hat to stay sun safe during outdoor performances.           

Waiting for our performance to start at the Australian War Memorial, October 2016

Waiting for our performance to start at the Australian War Memorial, October 2016

Our Symbol    

The Gallipoli Rose is the symbol of the choir. The seeds of this flower were gathered by young Diggers in Turkey during World War One and carefully brought home to their mothers to be planted in Australian gardens.

The Gallipoli Rose was chosen for the choir due to its history, its hardy nature and the vibrant pink and white flowers, which give our scarves their signature shade of strawberry-pink.

Australian Military Wives Choir Canberra Incorporated National Committee

The Choir is run by a committee of volunteer members who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Click to read more about the positions.

Email the head of the committee, the National Business Manager,, for more information on how to volunteer as a committee member or in a supporting role.