What can go wrong....

by Claire Mason

Canberra had the fun and exciting experience of performing under pressure last week.  We had two performances scheduled, making it quite an action packed week for us, as we don't usually have commitments so close together.

Our first performance, singing for the Edison Day Club, was fantastic!  As always, we sounded great and our efforts were really appreciated for the members.  It's always a fun event because we both perform and lead a sing-a-long, which means we get to see others enjoying the love of singing as well.

Our second performance was just as fantastic, but had a few more challenges to it.  We sang for a great event - the opening of a Charity Art Show put on by the Queanbeyan Arts Society, and supporting Soldier On.  Obviously it was the perfect event for us and we were thrilled to be asked.  So what were the challenges, you ask? 

Well, let's put it this way - Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds sprang to mind as we anxiously watched the magpies and pigeons flying alarmingly low over our heads.  No one was harmed but some of the birds delivered some nasty surprises to those below!  Our banner was soiled somewhat with some unattractive bird poop, as was a lovely spectator sitting right next to it. 

If that wasn't enough, we battled technology demons as well who snuck into our keyboard and mysteriously played rock beats for no good reason!  Then there was the accidentally transposed note which had us singing in a different key for a whole song (though beautifully all the same!).  That's showbiz kids - some performances are perfect, and others not so much.  A big thankyou to the lovely ladies who took it all in stride, with good humour and good grace!