ANZAC Day in Canberra

by Claire Mason

It's hard to believe that April is almost here, Autumn has well and truly started (although the weather doesn't seem to be sure about that from day-to-day) and ANZAC Day is not far off.  But I guess we have to believe it, because it's true!

We were really excited to be invited once again to sing at the Australian War Memorial for ANZAC Day, at both the Dawn Service and the National Service.  Last year we were there with the royals, and this year we'll be there for the centenary... should be an especially moving year, and such a special event to be part of. 

There are a set number of spots we have available, and we'd so dearly love to fill them all!  The Dawn Service is almost full, but is still space to sing at the National Service, and you are welcome to sing in both.  As we did last year, there will also be a breakfast gathering in between the two ceremonies for all important fuel (and coffee!).  

For our newer members who may be a bit nervous, don't be!  We will be covering the ANZAC music in our upcoming rehearsals, we'll have music folders on the day, and while we are leading the singing, we do so with the company of several other choirs, and it's certainly not a performance! 

If you haven't yet let Justine know you can come, or if your plans have changed and you are suddenly free, do get in touch!  It's not too late and we'd hate for you to miss out.