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About the choir

The Australian Military Wives Choir began in June 2012 with a lighthearted suggestion over email – “Military Wives Choir.  Should we start one?”  This grew into a small group of singers a few months later, and performance requests when the choir still had less than 10 members.  From small beginnings, the choir in Canberra has grown to over 100 members nationally, and has expanded to Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Tindal, Wagga and Albury Wodonga, with interest growing in defence locations.

The choir today

The choir welcomes women who have a significant connection with an Australian Defence Force member, or foreign defence force member.  This includes partners, daughters, mothers, sisters etc. 

As a no experience, no audition choir, women with all levels of musical knowledge and skill are welcomed into the choir, and it provides a safe and supportive environment for singing.

The choir meets for fortnightly rehearsals which include musical education and vocal coaching, intermixed with the natural joy that comes from singing.  While not the primary focus, the choir aims to perform each year, and members are welcome to perform as often (or little!) as they please.

Gallipoli Rose - the Australian Military Wives Choir symbol


The Gallipoli Rose is the symbol of the choir.  The seeds were gathered by young Diggers in Turkey and carefully brought home to their mothers to be planted in Australian gardens.  The Gallipoli Rose was chosen for the choir due to its history, its hardy nature, and the vibrant pink and white flowers, which give us our symbol and signature shade of pink.

The heart of the choir is in its values of inclusion, flexibility, service and excellence.

Social inclusion: the Choir is about what we do as women rather than what our partners may do at work, with a focus on our common threads. 

An atmosphere of flexibility allows different life demands to be catered for. We assume that all members want to enjoy rehearsal as often as possible and we do our best to facilitate that to build confidence and success for each member.

As Choir members experience the benefits of singing as a group this fosters a desire to help share these benefits with others. Serving as volunteers in official and non-official capacities is encouraged and appreciated.

Excellence comes as we work together to improve the Choir as a whole. With the unifying influence that inclusion brings, the confidence that blossoms through flexibility in rehearsal and performance expectations, and service underpinning all our endeavours, a beauty of sound and excellence in singing develops naturally.

Interested?  Find out more about Joining the Australian Military Wives Choir.